Who We ARE
The Protégés is a mentorship program designed to positively influence the youth and push them towards realizing their own potential and becoming their improved selves. It is an all-inclusive program that combines workshops, lectures, activities, challenges, games, and fun; all guided by a group of the most talented experts and influentials across multiple fields, the mentors. The Protégés intends to help the youth discover, develop and build themselves away from the typical norms of society. It teaches students innovative (hands on) techniques, which they can use to master certain skills that further enhance their future careers. Ultimately, the program’s graduates will belong to a large, supportive and flourishing community,The Protégés.
What we
look for in
“The Protégés”
Our aim is to discover extraordinary potential in the youth and develop it through this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We offer these bright young minds the chance to master skills and techniques necessary to meet their goals. The Protégés are selected based on a thorough screening process ensuring that they meet our high standards of excellence.

Applicants for The Protégés program must meet the following criteria:

• Aged 16 – 24 • Charismatic • Social • Disciplined • Tolerant • Moral • Eager to learn • Hard working • Demonstration of superiority to peers by successful achievements
Our Mission
Nurture the potential of the youth through a diverse program of workshops, activities, travel, first-hand experience and group work to encourage them to:

• Broaden their horizons
• Break free of their comfort zones
• Stimulate their minds
• Promote self awareness
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