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Mohammad Al Munaikh

Proteges G1 & Mentor

I have learnt a lot in the protégés, as a protégé and a mentor. Teamwork and team values were the most valued learning lesson I have acquired in the protégés. Being the first protégé to get selected as mentor for generation four. I was determined to set the right example for the new protégés and to meet the standards previous mentors have set. Because I knew my performance would encourage The Protégés Management to select other fellow protégés as mentors for future generation to share their own experience. “

Abdulaziz Al Mutawa

Protege G3

The program that inspired me to embark the crazy adventure I'm on today- thank u the proteges for being a phenomenal support to every young mind with a dream.

Altaf AlMudayan

Protege G1

The Protégés made me believe in my potential and forced me to embrace my strengths and work on my weaknesses. Being around fellow protégés and mentors helped me raise the bar for my self and see the endless possibilities that are out there

Faisal AlDwaihes

Protege G4

Words can't describe how the program helped me in different fields in my life.

The Protégés provided me with a very successful experience, which I learnt a lot about new concepts and information.  The workshops, activities, the group, the mentors and the trip are memorable and Unforgettable

Latifa AlLahou

Protege G6

When you are aware, you are awake and when you are awake you start living

Dalal Al Sulaiti

Protege G1

The Proteges has opened my eyes to the value of healthy surroundings. It created that nurturing environment for me at a young age, and as a result, helped me grow my own un-identical pair of wings

Abdulla AlBusaili

Protege G4

To make it fair and simple, I just need 4 hours of your time to explain a day in The Protégés

Maryam Al Omani

Protege G1

The proteges program is the unusual experience! It opened my eyes, it climbed the stairs to my head, & helped me to view things from different angles.The proteges family is a gift!

Hadeel Al Enzi

Protege G3

The protégés is a hope-building machine that inserts positivity and light in whoever passes their way

Seba Al-Derbas

Protege G4

I just can't state my appreciation towards the mentors, protégés, chancellors, and guest speakers in two sentences because it does not give you justice. All of you gave me something valuable some of which was your time, and thought that not only changed the way I think, but made me want to aspire to become a better person

Fawaz AlEnzi

Protege G5

الحياة متاهة ..

خريطتها البروتيجيز ..ما لم تعلمك إياه المدرسة .. أو تختبرك به الحياة .. سيصقله بك البروتيجيز

Zainab Akori

Protege G5

In a nutshell, this experience was the teacher of big things, in so little time

Sara AlMutairi

Protege G4

This summer has truly been life changing; I couldn't have made a better decision when I applied. The feeling of achievement and accomplishment this summer was unlike any other

Noura AlQassar

Protege G3

I learned to look more precisely the roots of the tree rather than its leaves

Nawal Kilani

Protege G2

The protégés was a once in a lifetime experience that changed me so much as a person and made me see the world in a bigger picture. Protégés was my second home that I will never forget

Ahmed AlAmar


A true turning point in life, not just a regular summer or a regular traveling experience. It was a moment that my life will revolve around, whenever I have a situation I can apply something I learned in this program and for that I'm grateful

Aya Khazaal

Protege G1

Had the pleasure to meet a lot of very different people, and to be inspired from each and every one of them

Alia alMusafer

Proteges G6

Why wait for anyone to give you a chance when you can create your own

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