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برنامجكم في فخر لنا و للكويت و العالم

صاحب السمو أمير البلاد الشيخ صباح الاحمد الصباح

أنا فخور بعملكم للكويت

بهذه الطرق المبتكره

صاحب السمو ولي العهد الشيخ نواف الاحمد الصباح

I was sold in 5 minutes 

Faisal AlAyar

WOW! Speechless

Billy Mcguire - President Of The Irish Republican Brotherhood

I don’t know where these kids are from, but their country should be proud of them

Irish Bussiness Owner

هذا البرنامج فكره مبتكره تحاول ان تصقل الشباب ليشكلوا قيمه مضافه

Mohamed Al-Nughaimesh

Your group is one of the best I ever met

Micheal Bedward – Kings College In

I was amazed by the level of creativity and maturity in such young age

Sulaiman Al-Bassam

The Protégés seeks to integrate learning with gaining practical experience

Bader Al-Sumait, Chief Executive Officer Of Global Investment House

Provides life and leadership skills to young Kuwaitis, which helps them contribute to their country and lead their community

Abeer Al-Omar – Kipco

I’m very proud of what you are doing

Adel Al-Majed  Bobyan Bank

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