Please post a creative picture of you and The Proteges invitation Letter on Instagram.

Make sure to use the hashtags #UBU #TheProteges and tag @theproteges Note: - If you do not have an Instagram account, you may post on twitter. - If your Instagram account is private, please capture and email it to info@theproteges.org 


Submission date: 23 June - 11pm


●Watch this clip fromالمسرحیة المحلیة حفلة على الخازوق and write your opinion of the subliminal message in this scene 

Submission date: 9/July at 2pm
Submission method: Email it to proteges.submissions@gmail.com


Print and fill it with your handwriting 

Submission date: 9/July at 2pm
Submission method: In Person 

Memorize the song : Kashafo Sir Alhawa and research the composer Sulaiman AlMulla


Submission date: 11/July at 2pm
Submission method: wait and see!


Part 1:

Watch Disney movie “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”.

Note: The movie is not provided on the website


Part 2:

Watch “The Pleasures of Finding Things Out” by clicking on the link: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/pleasure-finding-things-out/


Answer the following question:

●      Why did he study physics?

●      What did he think about Nobel prize?

●      What did he think is the real prize for a scientist?

●      Did you experience a moment when you realized that you know more than your parents? If yes, can you explain what the situation was and how did it change you as a person?

Submission date for (part 1 & 2): 26/July at 12pm
Submission method: in person printed 


●      Research the mentors:

-Mrs. Rana Al Khaled

-Mr. Yarub Burhamah

-Mr. Shamlan Al Bahar

-Ms. Eman Al Rasheid

-Ms. Fatmah Al Qadfan

-Mr. Mishari Al Mufarreh

-Mr. Mohammed Al Munaikh

-Mr. Abdulaziz Al Loughani

●      Take notes and prepare your questions for each mentor

Submission date: 30th/July upon arrival to Berlin
Submission method: wait and see


●      Watch the movie “The Village ”.

Note: The movie is not provided on the website,      

●      After watching the movie, write 5 major points on the concept.



Plane movie


Submission date: 6th August 8am
Submission method: handwritten


What would you ask the CEO who oversees a company franchising over 80 brands, with 3,500+

stores, and employs 50,000 people?

He also runs the biggest mall in a country. It is notorious for their exceptional marketing

strategies and steadily increasing growth rate.


Create a list of question to ask the man behind company.



●Print and fill the document in handwriting then scan it properly.

● When writing the piece please note that: a minimum number of words is 500.

● Write as much as you feel necessary to complete your piece. Bear in mind, however, that quality is far more important than quantity.

● Reread your own work and edit it before submitting it. Use spelling and grammar check.

● Submit your piece on a separate piece of paper and use black Times New Roman, size-12 font.

● Please number your pages.

● Save and send both documents saved with your full name in pdf format.

● You can submit them in Arabic


Submission date: 2/July at 4pm
Submission method: Email it to proteges.submissions@gmail.com


1. Open Doc “if..” by Rudyard Kipling

2. This task will require 10 minutes of your time

3. Begin by reading Using a paper and pen, during the remainder of the time write down all and any words that come to mind, which complete the following “Life is….”


Example: Life is.. ● Joyful ● Fun ● Exciting

Submission date: 9/July at 2pm
Submission method: Email it to proteges.submissions@gmail.com
  1. Please read the book

  2. After reading,  write your top five passages and why


Submission date: 22/July at 4pm
Submission method: In Person printed


Please watch the documentary ذكريات فلسطيني في الكويت

Submission date: 25/July at 2pm
Submission method: none


●      Watch My Green School Tedtalk by John Brady by clicking on the link:



●      Write one paragraph on how this Ted Talk impacted you

Submission date: 27/July at 2pm
Submission method: in person printed 


Open file Business Model Canvas 2.    

Print the document, read and take notes. 



Plane read

Submission date: 5/August at 10am
Submission method: Handwritten

Memorize the song : TOBA

research the composer AlsSunbati


Submission date: 10th/July 
Submission method: wait and see
Submission date: 13/July at 12pm
Submission method: proteges.submissions@gmail.com